(60 minutes individual tuition – £55)

Womb yoga is responsive to our womanhood. It honours the feminine seat of consciousness. Womb yoga is fluid, sensual, nourishing. Womb yoga is being held in blissful stillness or playfully moving into expansion. Womb yoga is silence as well as vocal release and is infused with intention.

Womb Yoga

Womb yoga helps to connect us with the cycles of the moon. For women of childbearing years, it also embodies and honours our menstrual cycle, with weekly practices changing in alignment with the moon and our hormones.

Womb yoga is suitable for every woman, whether she has a womb or not. It enables us to re-connect joyfully with naturally arising inner wisdom, insight and vitality.

To practice Womb yoga is to honour and embrace the original blood wisdom of your womb, or womb space energies, as the source of feminine intuition, connection, creativity and nurture.