As we are often beginning our families later in life, many women find that the onset of perimenopausal changes may occur when there are dependent children, partners, and work all demanding our attention and energy and decrease our ability to take time to self-nurture during this period of transition.

During perimenopause the ovaries gradually rebalance their oestrogen and progesterone production in preparation for the menopause and the final cessation of periods. With the average age for menopause being around 50 in the UK, perimenopause generally starts for most women in their mid 40s. As our hormone production in our ovaries slows down, our bodies are designed to produce oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone at other sites in the body such as the adrenal glands, body fat, the skin and the brain. Most women can manage perimenopausal symptoms with good nutritional support and supplementation, adequate time to rest and relax and complimentary treatments and therapies. This package aims to equip you with the skills to help alleviate and enjoy perimenopause at home. It is not a substitute for medical advice and some women will require additional support and pharmaceuticals to transition through perimenopause.

Full day Temple Arts Perimenopause Womb Blessing Treatment Package

Approx. 5-6 hours (£300). If you need to rest after your treatment package Overnight stays can be organised in our air bnb en-suite double attic room.

A full consultation and adapted Womb yoga practice and breath practice to alleviate perimenopausal symptoms.

A Lymphatic and Womb Awakening Massage with time to reflect upon how you feel about this transition towards becoming a wise woman who will retain her last menstrual blood and stem cells for her own gifts.

A perimenopausal superfood smoothie and light lunch with recipes to maintain blood sugars throughout your day. Advice about natural hormone supplementation.

Abdominal castor oil treatment and whilst you are relaxing with your castor oil pack on you may choose from a guided healing visualisation, a mini facial, a nurturing foot and hand massage or a Reiki treatment.

A gentle yoni steam with additional steam herbs supplied for home use.