(approx. 90 minutes Р£75).

This womb awakening massage is a fusion of deep sacral, abdomen and womb massage techniques aiming to address hormonal, reproductive and stress related conditions including stored pelvic trauma.

This is a non-invasive external massage which helps to release tension found in twisted and contorted connective tissue of the abdomen and lower back, thereby aiding to clear blockages, bloating, toxic build-up, water and waste retention, improving the flow of blood and oxygen to the tissues.

Womb awakening massage

Massage encourages internal abdominal and pelvic organs to re-align into the proper position, relieving a variety of organ displacement symptoms. The symptoms of a displaced uterus can be many such as fibroids, fertility challenges, low back pain, endometriosis, painful and irregular periods etc.

During excessive periods of stress, ill-health or emotional trauma our reproductive organs and womb space may choose to shut down. This may be the case with anovulation (no ovulation), no bleed, no cycle or irregular menstruation, painful menses or premenstrual tension and mood swings. In order to restore health to the reproductive organs, all areas should be addressed on an emotional, physical and energetic level.

Techniques to release emotional trauma are incorporated. Being held in stillness and shamanically guided to experience the gifts and the shadows of each of the four elemental womb grail gates – base womb (earth), right ovary (fire), roof womb (air) and left ovary (water) is an integral part of this womb awakening massage. You may wish to complete a womb mandala after your treatment to consolidate your internal journey, feelings and insights.

A full womb awakening massage with a shamanic healing journey takes approximately 90 minutes. If you have the time a yoni steam (an additional 30 -45 minutes) is recommended after your treatment. Yoni steam herbs can be purchased for home use if this is not possible.

If you have a regular menstrual cycle you may wish to choose pre ovulation as the optimum time to aid conception, post ovulation if you wish to release trauma, or to alleviate PMS or painful menses. This massage is not practiced during the first three days of your period. If you are perimenopausal pre ovulation can help to maintain a more regular cycle, post-menopausal may experience the healing qualities of womb awakening massage. If you have had a hysterectomy and are experiencing womb grief this treatment is beneficial as it works on the energetic blockages and any adhesions or scarring and can be performed alongside a womb grief ritual.