Spiral 1. 3 days: Jan 20, Feb 17, Mar 24

Where: Monthly Sunday Meetings at Manor Barn, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3UR.
When: 09.30am to approx. 17.00pm.
Cost: £275

3 experiential days of sacred learning and sharing within a small group of women seeking to lead an embodied and fulfilled life.

January 20th. Day 1. Moon mysteries, lunar cycles, myths and rituals.

A warm welcome to our lunar embodiment course with our first Spiral – Temple of the Moon. In our first gathering we will briefly reflect upon how widespread, significant and profoundly our ancestors worshipped the moon and how moon temples can be found dating back to prehistoric times: three Neolithic structures in Malta and Gozo, considered to be temples, show orientations that coincide with the direction of a far-southerly moonrise (Hagar Qim and Ta’Hagrat both in Malta and Ggantija in Gozo). We will look at the significance of the lunar cycle on our health and wellbeing and examine how to make subtle life changes so that we can align our rhythms to our environment around us.

Every lunar cycle can be understood as a journey from dark to light, from the unconscious to conscious and is an opportunity to rediscover our sacred feminine cycles.

You will be gifted your ‘13 Moon Pathway to the Priestess’ journal created by Karen Oakley. This unique journal encourages you to journal with each phase of the moon (dark, waxing crescent, full, waning crescent) and to create your own moon mandalas goddess oracle cards. There are dark and full moon meditations to practice and so much more.

We will then root into the full moon energies with flowing moon salutation yoga sequences suitable for all and co-create a moon altar, infused with our love and intentions.

We will practice a beautiful lunar meditation before lunch and following a shared lunch we will craft our clay lunar bowl, incense pot and Lunar Goddess for our own altars.

We will join together to honour mother moon through chanting and allow time for tea as we feedback and close our day.

Chant and close.

17th February Day 2. Our solar and lunar bodies, feminine awareness portals and feminine chakras.

We will begin with a beautiful guided solar grid meditation and move into a Sun and Moon yoga movement practice – feeling the solar and lunar body through breath and movement. We will consolidate these energies through sun and moon breathing practices – Nadi shodana pranayama.

We will open our moon altar ceremony, calling in the phases and directions of the moon and adorn our altar with our lunar offerings and intentions.

We will then move into a sensory practice – understanding feminine chakras – through a guided journey, discussion and note taking.

In the afternoon we will craft our solar and lunar incenses from a wide variety of herbs, resins and aromatherapy oils. Our glazed lunar bowls will be returned and infused straight away in a Lunar bowl ritual and shamanic journey

March 24th Day 3. Lunar cycles, ebb and flow with the sea.

We will awaken our body and breath in a Mermaid movement practice and Ujjayi pranayama- ‘breath of the seas’.

We will meditate upon the goddess Sarasvati and honour her in a guided dance practice.

Following our moon altar ceremony with lunar offerings and intentions we will be guided in Mermaid mythology, the root of the ‘tail’, sacred feminine connections and the priestess lineages of Mari-Isis and the mothers of the sea.

After lunch we will create a treasure box to keep our lunar tools and gifts in and lie back in a live sound bath invoking the sounds of the mermaids as we recline in different archetype reclined yoga poses.

Following on if desired.

Temple of the Womb. 4 days plus summer meditation audio file. 28/04, 19/05, 16/06, 14/07. £375

Temple of the Feminine Arts. 4 days. 15/09.14/10, 17/11, 15/12. £360.