Shamanic Alchemy – Sacred Union Retreat in Bali

Jul 27th to Aug 6th 2019, Holiway Garden – Resort & Spa Bali, Indonesia.


Join us on a Shamanic Pilgrimage into your Womb/Hara on the Magical and Fertile Island of Bali to unlock the Bounty and Mysteries of Sacred Union.

We long for love, for union and wholeness. Our deepest desire is to merge physically with another being in the unified field of love and oneness, to return to completeness and innocence. We yearn for tenderness, devotion, intimacy, admiration, enchanted encounters and the soft caress of love.

In this quest for oneness and fullness, we forget to look inside of ourselves, to dive within the rivers of our being merging our feminine and masculine currents in a union of ecstatic bliss.

The path of Sacred Union is an invitation to ‘open’ for love, for bliss, for original innocence. It is an ancient call to bring harmony back to life, to heal the split between the masculine and the feminine. It is an initiation in the Solar and Lunar currents within us, igniting and unlocking the keys to the alchemical inner marriage between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within.

In our 10-day journey, we will explore the union between the upper and lower worlds, being present in middle world, journeying with our masculine and feminine brains and body, our lunar and solar energies – inviting the alchemical potential of our womb/hara elements to become realized. Everything in existence exists in a ‘twin relationship’ and our connection to and harmony with this ‘twin relationship’ will affect our emotional, physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual health.

We will journey with the elemental energies of earth, fire, water, and air through our pilgrimage onto our womb (women) or hara (men). Each of these womb/hara elements affects our psyche, our emotions, our energies and how we navigate through our lives. Learning how to work with the gifts and the shadow medicines of each of these elements is embodied alchemy – the union of cosmic and primordial wisdom.

At the core of each Elemental energy is self-awareness. As we develop our awareness we can adapt our behaviors to create physical healing, emotional balance and a soulful purpose so that we can walk the path of love, with ourselves and with our beloved. As we integrate the illusion of separation, embracing yet dissolving duality, we can reclaim sacredness and spiritual union.

This Retreat is an invitation to remember and awaken our visceral intelligence, our ability to feel and be present in the body so we can relate to others and the Earth in a rooted and embodied way.We will strengthen our connection to the flow of life, anchor our ancient feminine wisdom in our bodies, awaken the sacred male shakti and open our Womb/Hara back into trust, authenticity,
pleasure and connection.

We will explore our energies, our gifts and our shadows through these magical grail gates with;

❤︎ Body Prayers
❤︎ Ceremony and Rituals
❤︎ Chanting
❤︎ Crafting Shamanic Offerings
❤︎ Dragon Shakti breathing
❤︎ Drawing and Journaling
❤︎ Energetic Clearings
❤︎ Art Journeys
❤︎ Elemental ceremony and elemental dance
❤︎ Guided Foraging
❤︎ Guided and Free Movement Practices
❤︎ Healing Touch
❤︎ Pulsing of the Womb/Hara
❤︎ Puja
❤︎ Seiki
❤︎ Shamanic Journeys
❤︎ Visiting Sacred Sites


❤︎ Heal Betrayals & Past Relationships
❤︎ Forgiveness to the Masculine & Feminine
❤︎ Open for Love & Bliss
❤︎ Inner Marriage of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine
❤︎ Invite Sacred Union into your life
❤︎ Open and Heal the Solar & Lunar Pathways
❤︎ Open to a new octave of heart-womb/hara connection
❤︎ Awaken you Endocrine System and connect with your Bliss Instinct

✨Culture and Excursions✨

▼Trekking in the rice terraces of Bali to root into the element of earth.
▼An evening fire ceremony followed by Balinese dancing and our own dance to step into our passion and joy of fire.
▼A trip to Lempuyang temple with its majestic views plus lunch in a restaurant overlooking Mount Agung to soar with the element of air.
▼Take part in a healing water ceremony at Tirta Empul Temple and visit the stunning Raja Tirtagangga Water Palace to flow in water.

You will also have the opportunity to book your own energetic cleansing with a traditional Balinese healer in the sea at Holiway.

Practical info

We are welcoming 15 adults only.
Full board inclusive of 3 meals per day with excursions:

Partners/family in a double room with own bathroom £1895 per adult (there will be a small charge for food for children).
Shared twin room with own bathroom £1995
Single use of a double room with own bathroom £2295

A non-refundable deposit of £600 is required to reserve your place.
Payment packages are available to spread the cost of your retreat.
An informal chat or email exchange is recommended before the retreat with one of your facilitators.
If you are coming from outside of the UK a TransferWise link to will be sent to you as this service offers good exchange rates and a straightforward way in which to send money abroad.


About your facilitators

Natasha Calia is a skilled body therapist, compassionate, empathetic and intuitive healer, yoga and moon college facilitator and modern-day priestess. She has gained more than 20 years of extensive knowledge and practical experience helping people both individually and within groups to improve all aspects of their health and wellbeing in conventional and complementary healthcare settings.

Natasha is an intuitive Womb Priestess, having studied womb awakening with the Fountain of Life and Womb Massage with the school of Abdominal Sacral Massage. She is also an embodied Lunar Priestess and facilitates an ‘in person’ moon college in the UK. She is hoping to open a sacred union college for men and women in 2020 as well as launch some online courses with the Academy of Womb Consciousness.

Natasha enjoys a deep connection with her environment, friends and family and honors lunar cycles, the changing seasons, conscious menstruation and the feminine and masculine. She has always been fascinated with the way in which we think, move, feel and experience our souls’ purpose through our body. She has experienced spiritual guidance since childhood and has studied many different spiritual traditions internationally in her quest for understanding, self-acceptance and enlightenment.
Natasha is registered with the following professional bodies.

Nursing and Midwifery Council, The Upledger Institute, The Federation of Holistic Therapists, The International Council of Holistic Therapists, The British Wheel of Yoga, The British School of Yoga, Birthlight, The Register of Exercise Professionals.

Nicole Popper Katzender is a Womb Shaman, an Embodiment & Transformational Teacher/Mentor trained in the Ancient Feminine Healing Arts.

She has created Womb Bliss, Alkimiya Art and is the founder of the Academy of Womb Consciousness (to be launched in March 2019), She works as a Womb & Hara Awakening Practitioner/Teacher and Lumen Octave Healer.

Her work focuses on harmonizing ancestral and collective Soul DNA to birth the new Potential of Love and Shakti on Earth. Nicole is passionate about the power of Nature and the embodiment of the primordial and cosmic wisdom in the body-temple to catalyze the awakening of our full potential and original love-bliss blueprint.

Born in Brazil, as a child, she was immersed in the feminine healing arts of the Curandeiras sparking her passion for ancient wisdom and mythology, arousing her inner mystic and initiating a lifelong journey of an inner and outer quest. With the guidance of her ancestors and spiritual allies, for the past 16 years, she has been studying, researching, practicing and pursuing a variety of philosophies and techniques about consciousness, bioenergetics, healing arts, the awakening of the wisdom within our DNA, ancestral healing, soul retrieval, leading her to Womb Shamanism. She is devoted to the reconciliation of the Shadow and the Light by merging the Heart and the Womb/Hara, integrating the Feminine and the Masculine split. She helps women and men to connect and awaken their bliss blueprint by igniting their visceral perception through Womb Consciousness.
Nicole offers private sessions, mentorship programs, Womb Circles, classes and workshops worldwide and online.

Gerardo Calia is a professional photographer, qualified higher education teacher and massage therapist deeply committed to the path of sacred union.

He has been guided in the study of womb awakening and shadow stalking by his wife and has experienced profound insights, acceptance and transformation as a result. Learning to trust and surrender to his sacred feminine whilst igniting his vitality and sacred masculine energies have and are an ongoing journey for him.

Gerardo is a creative person and will be assisting you to express your visual artist as well as providing technical support throughout the retreat. Gerardo will also help you to narrate the story you desire to remember through your camera lens as we enjoy our excursions into Bali.


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