(90 mins £75, 120 mins £95).

This is an intuitive body massage that combines the most delicious elements of all the massage styles and disciplines I have studied and practiced over the past 12 years.

Every single massage stroke is an invocation of love. This sacred massage is slow, sensual and deeply nourishing. This massage covers your head, arms, abdomen, legs, feet and back with warm, aromatic, organic essential oils of your choice to evoke a deep sense of blissful surrender.

Long rhythmic effleurage and deep strokes, stretching techniques, rocking and pulsing guide us home to our internal world, letting go of any modern life pressures as we dive into a deep state of relaxation.

Moments of stillness are held with regular hands on body pauses whilst channelling Reiki and Seiki energy. Being held and nurtured creates a safe sanctuary from which to engage in honest dialogue with our bodies, to witness our thoughts and to honour our emotions so that deep patterns of holding physical, mental or emotional tensions can be released.