Set of Four Womb Element Oils


Supplied as a set of 4, these are 100% pure essential oil blends, organic wherever possible. Use these oils in a diffuser or oil burner alongside your guided journey/practice or simply add 6 to 10 drops to your bath and relax.

Can be applied directly to skin. If sensitivity occurs, dilute or discontinue use.

Not suitable for use during pregnancy.



Not suitable for use during pregnancy.

Womb Earth : to invoke deep rooted connection and wisdom. Gifts: Grounded, connected to your body and the world around us, confident, secure and abundant.

Pure Essential oils of Cardomom, Damiana, Benzoin & Vetivert, 40% in Jojoba Oil.

Womb Fire: to inspire passion, creativity and sensual expression. Gifts: Creative, passionate, sensual, energy to manifest and pioneer your dreams and desires.

Pure Essential oils of Black Pepper, Orange & Tuberose, 40% in Jojoba Oil.

Womb Air: to inspire your dreams, imagination and psychic perception. Gifts: Inspiring, purposeful, soul wisdom, ease of communication, clarity, ‘see the bigger picture’, psychic awareness.

Pure Essential oils of Lemon, Neroli Absolute & Sandalwood, 40% in Jojoba Oil.

Womb Water: to invoke compassion, tenderness and intuition. Gifts: Compassion, empathy, intuition, loving, comfortable in emotional expression and with others’ emotions.

Pure Essential oils of Lime, Rose, Rose Geranium & Rosewood, 40% in Jojoba Oil.

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