Natasha Calia

Natasha CaliaNatasha is a skilled body therapist and a compassionate, empathetic and intuitive healer.

She has gained more than 20 years of extensive knowledge and practical experience helping people individually and within groups to improve all aspects of their health and wellbeing, both in conventional and complementary healthcare settings.

Natasha has always been fascinated with the way in which we think, move, feel and experience our souls’ purpose via our body. She has experienced spiritual guidance since childhood and has studied many different spiritual traditions internationally in her quest for understanding, self-acceptance and enlightenment.

Natasha is an intuitive Womb Priestess, having studied womb awakening with the Fountain of Life and womb massage with the school of Abdominal Sacral Massage. Natasha combines therapeutic touch with guided womb awakening and shamanic practices in her dedicated lunar goddess temple located at Breathing Space.

Natasha is nested in a beautiful friendly coastal town with her family. She is blessed to be a mother of two and a wife. It is with deep gratitude and appreciation of these gifts that Natasha seeks to explore her aliveness and potential. She enjoys daily movement practices such as yoga, dance, shoreline running, swimming and tending to her garden and allotment to keep active. Natasha is learning cello and enjoys drumming and vocal groups monthly. In the summer you will find her growing and harvesting plants and herbs or sea kayaking with her son, over winter evenings she will be warming herself in the evening by the wood burner crafting, doodling, meditating or writing.

With a love of so many activities it has taken Natasha many years of ‘trying’ to adjust her daily responsibilities, work and family duties to sync in with the creative and releasing energies of the waxing and waning moon and to let go of the stresses of a busy life. Natasha enjoys a deep connection with her environment, friends and family and honours lunar cycles and the changing seasons. She works collaboratively to share this powerful knowledge. In the past she has co-facilitated a busy drop-in moonlodge but now desires to work with more committed women to deepen group dynamics. She is launching the 13 Moon Embodiment Course and the three month Temple of the Moon Spiral beginning in January 2019. Natasha is an experienced teacher and facilitator that aims to create safe, creative, empowering and nurturing groups.

Natasha CaliaNatasha offers womb health packages, blessings and rituals for women at any phases of their womanhood (including women who have had a hysterectomy). These Feminine Arts practices include womb yoga, breathing techniques, guided visualisations and guided shamanic womb journeys, womb and/or abdominal sacral massage, energetic blockage clearing, Reiki, yoni steams, womb teas, womb grief rituals and womb blessings. Natasha has experienced deep womb trauma and loss and can respond and guide other women from her deep seat of knowledge and experience.

In additional to her Womb Priestess Offerings Natasha is also a nurse, medical acupuncturist and is trained in Osteopathic Articulation. Her massage qualifications include BTEC level 5, VTCT, ITEC and FHT massage diplomas in abdominal sacral massage, aromatherapy, deep tissue, developmental baby massage, facial massage, Indian head, hot/cold stone, manual lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, Swedish massage and Thai massage. She has also studied clinical and medical massage, the myofascial body, postural assessment, trigger point therapy and kinesiology. As well as body work qualifications, Natasha is a fully qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher and has undertaken further training in prenatal, pregnancy, postnatal and baby and toddler yoga with Birthlight and the British School of Yoga. Natasha took a teaching sabbatical in 2018 from retreats, classes and workshops but is resuming these services in January 2019.

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