(60 mins – relaxation and guided journey plus audiofile for home use £55)

The womb (or Hara in men), was known as the seat of the Soul – our centre of radiance, love, connection, support and inner power. For thousands of years womb insights were the foundation of insightful, manful existence and were honoured through ritual and worship.

Nowadays many of us have lost our connection with our womb voice and are beginning to intuitively be called by her to reawaken the mysteries and heal our feminine wounds.

The womb, yoni and clitoris contain 8 magical, energetic centres known as the ‘grail gates’. Each of these grail gates can be awakened through intention, ceremony and journeying. Each of these grail gates contain gifts and shadow aspects of our soul; our shadows ask for healing balm and acceptance and our gifts ask that we may reach our full potential without hiding or fearing what others may think.

The first three grail gates take us on a path through the archetype Gateways of the triple goddess – where the deepest wisdom is renewed into Innocence.

Many physical, energetic and emotional wounds from our present life are stored in our first three grail gates. All the sexual encounters we have ever had, loving and unloving, consensual and non-consensual are held here. It takes tremendous courage to acknowledge our deepest wounds and great resilience to move through this pain to open up to love and innocence once again.

Once we have traveled through the first three grail gates we can also journey through the 4 elements of the womb. These elemental directions of life-force energy, earth, fire, air and water show us their pure creative power. Secrets of your lost soul speak in a hidden language of symbols, synchronicity, magic, dreams, pure desires, intuitions, teachers, guardians, inspirations, dragons and treasure cited within our womb.

Awakening the gifts and shadows of womb elements – earth, fire, air and water in an alchemical initiation into our full potential – when we are able to balance these elements, we can discover an energetic portal at the centre of our womb that fully reconnects us to the feminine centre of wisdom within. This allows us to birth our inner bliss, creativity, intuition and healing power.

Guided Journeys may be taken to help to reawaken the voice of your womb, to remember the power of your feminine essence, to help you to rebirth your life and reawaken your Shakti.