(45- 60 minutes including preparation of herbal infusion £50).

Yoni is a Hindu concept that is used to describe the sacred sanctuary of the vulva, vagina & wombA Yoni Steam is the ancient practice of sitting or squatting over a steaming pot of water infused with healing herbs. It can sometimes be called a yoni cleanse. The vagina is inherently self-cleaning so does not require a physical cleanse, the herbal infusion releases steam to create a yoni cleanse that encourages our feminine bodies in their own natural release.

Yoni (vaginal steaming) can help regulate irregular cycles, reduce menstrual pain, nourish fertility and reproductive health, release premenstural tension, support perimenopausal and menopausal changes. Under the guidance of a herbalist a womb health yoni steam can encourage emotional and physical cleansing after miscarriage or childbirth (*there are many considerations to this practice in these circumstances so please seek professional advice).

Yoni steaming can help release energetic and physical imbalances and supports spiritual, emotional cleansing and healing by reconnecting a woman with her feminine centre and helping to reactivate her womb grail gates – her intuitive portals of inner wisdom that may have been suppressed.

I practice regular yoni steams, particularly during my pre-menstrual phase to ease me into a slower pace for pleasure-full shamanic bleeding and prior to shamanic journeys into my womb for my own healing. I find this ancient ritual is so nourishing and relaxing. I no longer have irregular, painful and heavy moontimes, in combination with other practices (womb massage and womb yoga) yoni steaming has transformed my womb health.

Here at my breathing space clinic I have a specialist yoni steam chair so that a woman can sit comfortably for her yoni steam. I prefer to offer the yoni steam after womb massage or womb yoga and will prepare your individual blend of herbs for your steam. It takes 20 minutes to prepare your herbal infusion and I use organic, hand dried and often home grown herbs and flowers in each steam. The actual yoni steam takes between 10 and 20 minutes and I can support and guide you throughout this ritual or leave you with my own pre-recorded yoni steam journey audio if you prefer some time alone.

Yoni steaming is not recommended during pregnancy or if there is a possibility of pregnancy, when you are bleeding, if you have an IUD in situ or if you have a vaginal infection or sores on your vulva.