This course offers the opportunity to drop deeply into your lunar feminine self and journey with sacred practices, moon rituals and feminine wisdom in a small, safe and nurturing group of open minded women who are committed to exploring their internal world to develop self-awareness, acceptance and understanding.

‘You have peace,’ the old woman said ‘when you make it with yourself.’

-Mitch Albom : ‘The Five People you meet in Heaven’.

Temple of the Moon

January 20th. Day 1. Moon mysteries, lunar cycles, myths and rituals.

Welcome to the lunar embodiment course. Introduction to the lunar journal and how to use it.

Moon salutations and lunar grid meditation. Moon mysteries, myths and goddesses and how to use the lunar cycles to optimise health and wellbeing.

Crafting your clay lunar bowl, incense pot, and lunar goddess. Mother moon chant and close.

17th February Day 2. Our solar and lunar bodies, feminine awareness portals and feminine chakras.

Solar grid meditation. Sun and moon movement practice-feeling the solar and lunar body through breath and movement. Sun and moon breathing practices – Nadi shodana pranayama.

Moon altar ceremony. Sensing and understanding feminine chakras – guided journey and discussion

Crafting your solar and lunar incenses. Returning glazed bowls. Lunar bowl infusion ritual and shamanic journey

March 24th Day 3. Lunar cycles, ebb and flow with the sea.

Mermaid movement practice and Ujjayi pranayama – ‘breath of the seas’. Meditation- Goddess Sophia.

Moon altar ceremony. Mermaid mythology, the root of the ‘tail’, sacred feminine connections and the priestess lineages of Mari-Isis and the mothers of the sea

Creating your unique treasure box. Restorative Mermaid sound bath.

Temple of the Womb

April 28th. Day 1. Womb awakening day. Grail Rose Cross Shamanic Journeys Part 1.

Heart womb yoga and heart womb breath activation. Sacred sounding.

Moon altar ceremony. Reclaiming the chalice. Womb awakening discussion about the grail cross – Guided Shamanic Journey – The first 3 grail gates.

Crafting your own herbal moon tea or bath bundle. Moon oracling in pairs.

19th May. Day 2 Grail Rose Cross Shamanic Journeys Part 2

Pelvic presence restorative movement practice. Understanding, feeling and sounding our womb elements- earth, air, fire, water.

Creating a womb elements altar. Guided dancing through the womb dragon elements. Images, symbols, insights journaling.

13th womb rite and shamanic journey into the womb. Introduction to the womb elements mandala. Cacao ceremony (prasad blessings).

16th June. Day 3. Temple of the womb.

Goddess archetypes and movement practice.

Moon altar ceremony. Dance of the Magda.

Temple healing arts practices.

Crafting your own yoni steam herbs. Group yoni steam ritual.

14th July. Day 4. The shadow realms, womb grief ritual.

Intuitive movement practice. Awakening the fire and reclaiming the voice. The shadow realms – How do our core woundings inform our habits? Goddess archetypes.

Setting up our womb grief altar. Shamanic journey – Ceremony of Maat, Staff of judgment ceremony.

Burning the staff ceremony and sharing intentions of release. Root of innocence body prayer.

Crafting you own aromatherapy womb blessing anointing oil.

August. Recorded meditation and teachings sent via DropBox or WeTransfer for summer continuity

Temple of the feminine arts.

15th September. Day 1. Plant medicine and crystals, lunar light and the white rivers.

Gentle movement practice – Earth salutations.

Moon altar ceremony with crystal energies. Womb Seiki Healing.

Learning about flower remedies and crafting you own for therapeutic use. Womb Garden Ceremony.

14th October. Day 2. Awakening our elemental dragons

Dragon awakening movement practice. Moon altar ceremony.

Dragon Shakti Shamanic breathing practice, time for processing and reflections, restorative movements to ground.

Crafting you own shamanic ankle bells.

17th November. Day 3. Awakening Alchemy in the Endocrine Body Wisdom.

09.30. Dance of the Magda- Awakening Alchemy in the Endocrine Body Wisdom.

Moon altar ceremony. How to move and awaken the sacred body – sacred touch, body trust.

Chants to Mary Isis and Inanna Rahkma. Crystal bath and breast radiance ritual.

Lemurian One Heart One Ocean Meditation and Transmission. Lemurian Seed Crystals, Sacred Crystalline Water Blessing Ritual.

Day 4 15th December. Attuning to our Lunar Landscape and reclaiming our Lunar Gifts.

Movement practice flowing through the astrological signs.

Moon altar ceremony. How do lunar eclipses affect our subtle energy body. Revisiting lunar tides.

Crafting astrological lunar spritzers. Crystal Bowl attuning. Womb / Moon Oracling and three words sharing.
Moon tea ceremony, group lunar reflections and group sharing. Acknowledging our lunar transformation, our gifts and our shadows, and appreciating the lunar journey we have have taken together.

Lunar priestess ceremony and gifts.

Financial Exchange:
This 13 moon embodiment course is £985. This is fully inclusive and covers our teachings, guest teachers, craft materials, our venue, refreshments and snacks. For each meeting you will be invited to bring food to share for lunch. If you wish to take advantage of our monthly payment plan we require a £200 deposit to secure your place, followed by 12 monthly payments via direct debit or standing order of £65.

We will be accepting 13 women on the course and we are keen to attract likeminded women that we believe will work and play well together.

If you need to adjust the payment schedule to enable you to participate please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

We also welcome your expertise and if you feel called to facilitate a session we are open to suggestions; leading an afternoon or morning workshop will entitle you to a free day on the course.

We will be working in a feminine, lunar way so our program is a fluid framework rather than a set structure.