Womb yoga

To practice Womb yoga is to honour and embrace the original blood wisdom of your womb, or womb space energies, as the source of feminine intuition, connection, creativity and nurture. Womb yoga is suitable for every woman, whether she has a womb or not. It enables us to re-connect joyfully with naturally arising inner wisdom, insight and vitality.

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Sacred Temple Massage

This is an intuitive body massage that combines the most delicious elements of all the massage styles and disciplines I have studied and practiced over the past 12 years. Moments of stillness are held with regular hands on body pauses whilst channelling Reiki and Seiki energy.

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Pelvic Presence Guided Journey

In many shamanic traditions the pelvis is known as the ‘second skull’. The physical alignment and presence within our pelvis is a key to embodied Feminine Awakening and when our pelvic cradle is in balance vitality and Shakti flow with abundance.

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Journey into the womb

Nowadays many of us have lost our connection with our womb voice and are beginning to intuitively be called by her to reawaken the mysteries and heal our feminine wounds. Guided Journeys may be taken to help to reawaken the voice of your womb, to remember the power of your feminine essence, to help you to rebirth your life and reawaken your Shakti.

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Organic Castor Oil Abdominal Treatment

Organic Castor Oil Abdominal Treatment

Compresses and poultices with Castor oil have been used for thousands of years, in ancient India, Egypt and China to heal the sick. Topical Castor oil abdominal packs can help detoxify the liver naturally, support uterine and ovarian health, improve lymphatic circulation and reduce inflammation.

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Art of Aromatherapy

The art of aromatherapy – individual workshop

Having access and guidance to a full range of pure aromatherapy oils and time to explore their properties is a wonderful gift. You can learn a few basic principles of how to create synergistic, safe blends so that you can create aromatherapy blends that can be infused, spritzed or made into therapeutic oil blends.

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